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Social Media Marketing - SMM


The fantastic growth rates of registered users with social networks have made marketing with social media interesting. Groups can be targeted quickly and efficiently and without prohibitive costs. It is relatively cheap to do marketing with social media, yet the results can be great. Only Search Engine Marketing offers such a beneficial cost/reward ratio.

Today, more than 70% of all Internet User are registered with social media platforms such as Google, Facebook or others. Therefore, we strongly recommend to our clients to engage in social media marketing along with other marketing measures.

Each social media platform works differently, so measures have to be adapted from network to network, even though the message and the content remain the same.

In addition to using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn we recommend marketing with YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and others. The focus of the marketing effort should take factors such as age group, local or geographic detail into account. Marketing to teenagers in Britain is different than marketing to retirees in Germany, so flexibility and strategy are the key.