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Digital Marketing Dictionary

Information and terms


Whether it is for shopping, research of doing business - people are using the Internet in their daily lives in an increasing fashion. Webmasters and those people and businesses desiring to sell their products and services are often engaged in an marketing effort on the Internet, whether through Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Email-Marketing.

In order to launch an effective marketing effort, one must understand the techniques to be employed. Getting a grasp on these marketing techniques is sometimes difficult due to the complex terminology used by marketers and online experts. Without understanding the terms used, it is hard to follow or check the validity of an opinion, an article or a concept. It is sort of like reading a language you don`t understand.Certainly most people would not sign a contract written in a foreign language they don´t know.

With respect to doing business on the Net or working with marketers, it is therefore essential to know what they are talking about – and this cannot work without knowing some basic terms commonly used. Our Online Marketing Dictionary is therefore a “translation tool”. We translate expert terms into a language one can easily read and understand.

Terms Explained

In addition, we point to the practical meaning of specific terms and techniques, for example the meaning and practical significance of Social Media marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Google Adsense. In doing this, we go one step further than being a simple dictionary, as we aim to give helpful tips for the professional or private online webmaster or marketer.