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Golden Rules


How to succeed - Basic Guidelines

There are a few golden rules in the world of Internet Marketing. Follow these rules and you have good chances to succeed, disregard them and you are walking on a path to failure. This is in particular evident with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a technique/discipline that aims to increase the visibility of a particular website.

So what are the golden rules? One key factor to increase your presence on the Internet is to offer content, products and services others don´t – also known as “unique content”. This is because Google and other search engines have developed their ranking algorithm in a way that ranks sites with most value to visitors highest. Naturally, if a site offers the same content or products as many other sites do, there is – in the eye of a search engine - no reason why this site should rank higher than others.

The same principle applies to social media platforms as well, which have implemented similar algorithm methods, although Facebook and Co have yet to develop as smart of a ranking system as Google.

Content and Site Architecture

In addition to creating unique content, one must acertain that the content generated can get found when search engine spider “crawl” website pages. The right site architecture helps these spiders to crawl and find relevant content.

As a general rule hard work on content pays off. One should not attempt to outsmart search engines, but follow their rules. Quick fix methods do not work. As you can see, the golden rules are simple and straightforward. Content counts, or even more so, content is king. It must be original, so forget about copying text from other sources and selling it as yours – which will certainly not do the job.

There are many, many blogs and marketing advisors out there. Yet, only few of them really follow the basic principles that lead to success. One of the keys is working with clients and understanding their business or project. Because, without a basic understanding what a website or business is about, one cannot contribute good content - and content is, as we now know, a very, very important factor.