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Checking out your Competition – Webmasters´ Favorite Sport

Competing for a good ranking on the Net bears resemblance to sports or other competitive disciplines. You are only as good as the others in your peer group allow you to be. This applies in particular with respect to search engine or social media rankings. If your competitor has more points, he will be ahead. As a result, watching what others do is an essential part of competing.

Obtaining a good ranking on the World Wide Web depends on many different factors. We have highlighted the key points in various sections on this site. There are golden rules to follow and following these rules is one of the keys to success. As a general principle, “quick fix” schemes don´t work. It takes hard work and discipline to climb the rankings. In some areas, this is more difficult than in others.

Important Factors and Good Practices

In case you competition has done little, it is easy to hit a home run. If your competitors are smart and have put in a substantial effort, you have to be smarter and work as hard or even harder. One can estimate the level of cost and effort has to go into a marketing effort for it to be successful. This includes assessing the degree of effort your competition puts into its Web reputation and promotion. Ideally, your competitors have either done the wrong thing or spared the effort all-together, but in today´s world most business areas have spent a lot of time and effort with Online Marketing.

Before you do anything, make sure you conduct research on what the best in your peer group have done and why they are ahead.

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