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Setting Objectives

The definition of objectives, project analysis and implementation are the three cornerstones of our standard work process.

While it is important to set ambitious goals, we like to manage expectations as we prefer to deliver only positive surprises.

As we work transparently, we implement the strategy for our clients by keeping them up-to-date on an ongoing basis.

What is "White Hat" Marketing?

A few years ago, some Internet marketers had success with "assembly-line" type work style and product, but search engines and Internet Service Providers have caught up to quick fix campaigns. Still, some marketers offer this type of campaigns. To the contrary, we invest our time and effort in individually adjusted plans and campaigns, because (1) we work this way and (2) this is, in our humble opinion, the only way to succeed.

Moreover, we watch the feedback of our work closely, including in social networks and other public forums.


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