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Measuring Performance

Basic Assessment

You don't build a house from the roof down but from the foundation up. A solid assessment of your Web presence is necessary to develop the right plan and strategy.

Your Competition

How do I compare to others in the same field? The answer to that question can be found in the results of a competitor check.

Your Search Engine Ranking

The ranking of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing relates to the relevancy of your site to search queries by Internet users. The better your site is "optimized" the more people will find it.

Ranking Improvement

Adjusting to constant changes in the Internet and its trends is part of the overall strategy. Once constant, however, has survived, quality content and quality design lead to great results.


The traffic to your site - the number of visitors you site is getting - helps to understand what you are doing right or wrong. After an analysis, the appropriate measures can be taken.

Client Statistics

Getting people to visit a site is one thing, making them stay on the site or even purchase products and services is another thing. This conversion factor is another focus in the world of digital marketing.


Our reports update you on the performance of your site and our work. This way, our work is transparent to you.


Monitoring search engine updates, the performance of your site and the sites of your competitors is key of staying ahead.