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There are some overruling principles with respect to our approach on Internet Marketing. Generally, there are two camps amongst Internet marketers, the “White hat” groups and the “Black Hat” operators. These two terms relate to the working methods and marketing techniques. White hat refers to techniques that strictly follow the rules set forth by search engines, which are mainly to focus on creating unique content and sharing the content with others. Black Hat, on the other hand, refers to techniques designed to achieve quick results through manipulative and unauthorized methods, such as stealing content from others or purchasing backlinks. The Black Hat group has been in an arms race with search engines for many years attempting to outsmart the mathematical formulas by search engines. In the end, and as of now, search engines have one by detecting most of the manipulative methods employed. Nevertheless, the war continues.

Our company clearly and firmly sits in the White hat camp. Aside from these purely ethical considerations, we strongly belief in our methods and are confident in our ability to deliver superior and unique content for our clients. By subscribing to these “clean” techniques, we never run the risk of inflicting penalties on us or our customers.


Services Overview

We offer our services through campaigns or customized packages.