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PR and Litigation PR


PR - More important than Ever

In today´s world, many things have become PR matters. Business, politics, art or other areas of life are subject to PR campaigns launched by interested parties. The Trump presidential campaign has shown how effective PR can be – whether you like it or not. Influencing a large audience has, in some ways, become easier than it was years or decades ago due to “New Media”.

Empowerment of the Individual

Social Media and the Internet have empowered the individual or small company to launch effective campaigns – however, of course, a dedicated and smart effort is needed to do this successfully. In general, creating a good Internet Presence can never hurt. Social Media influencers carry a lot of weight with PR campaigns. Having said that, a network and good standing take time and effort to build up – which is why buying into one (i.e. hiring an influential PR company) can come with a hefty price tag.

PR and Litigation PR

Today, more than 90 per cent of all US corporations are involved in litigation. The outcome of legal feuds are often influenced by the image that the parties are able to portray in public. As a consequence, Litigation PR has developed into a big business. That is (1) because PR firms are good at selling their services to corporations or individuals involved in civil or criminal proceedings and (2) good PR tends to sway public opinion. Judges, juries, governments and prosecutors are in one way or another subject to the court of public opinion, and, generally speaking, it is burdensome to go against public opinion. Clearly, PR and Litigation PR is more an art than a science. PR missteps can quickly have a reverse effect that is then never reversible again. Often, it is advisable to let things calm down and intentionally keep a low profile, so the golden rules for good PR differentiate a lot with the situation.