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Summary of Services Offered


Expertise and Services

The services we offer include: Internet Marketing, Public Relations and analytical reports measuring web traffic and ranking statistics.

We offer our services through packages and price plans. Before we go to work, we like to formulate a strategy with our clients in order to define the goals of the contract.

In general, we recommend to check the "status quo", that is the web presence and reputation, before launching a marketing campaign. We do this, because it is in the best interest of the working relationship have an estimate about the costs and upside potential of a promotional effort.

Specialty Services

Specialty service we offer include: Marketing repair services and "Detox", Crisis and Litigation PR and Enterprise Plans - large scale efforts for NGOs, governments or "Big Business". As the "Content Marketing" has become increasingly popular and important, we also focus on delivering the message itself in the most attractive way possible, often evaluating every word or sentence in a text.

The results of our work is transparently delivered via written reports on an ongoing basis.


Services Overview

We offer our services through campaigns or customized packages.