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Website Costs


How Much Should You Spend On Online Marketing?

That is the very first question webmasters ask themselves when they consider launching an Internet Marketing campaign. This effort, of course, starts with building a decent website, which should, or actually must, be designed to perform well with search engines respectively for website visitors.

In order to formulate an answer that reflects the expert opinion in the world of Digital Marketing, we have conducted some research online. Before answering the question, though, it should be said that the costs of designing a website ready for search engines and web traffic is a function of the scope of the work to be done. Setting up a site for a regional restaurant, for example, requires a different set-up for an internationally operating corporation.

The most cost-effective way for starting a website is using such Web 2.0 platforms such as Jimdo or Wordpress, which can be done almost for free or for free. Wordpress offers free “themes” users can download, install and use with some level of computer knowledge

Internet Presence

Getting online is one thing - getting found on the Internet a whole other ballgame. A professional web presence takes a professional effort, which starts with doing the right thing from the beginning. In addition to the visual appeal of a site, many factors must be considered and implemented. Only when the right ranking factors are in place, your site will rank well with for search engines and on the Net in general.

The pricing range for setting a solid website capable for outscoring your competitors generally starts around $ 10.000 on the bottom of the range.