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How to create unique content


Are search engines capable of judging whether the content on a website is good or unique? This may come as a shock to you, but the answer is yes. While there is no artificial intelligence behind the ranking algorithm (yet), search engines measure the behavior of visitors of a site and determine whether the content made them like the site by measuring how long they stayed on a particular site and how often they came back to the site. The results of the data flow into the ranking factors and give a site pluses or minuses.

Naturally, people like sites that have unique and/or helpful content. Official Google spokespeople have been advising webmasters over and over again on the importance of content management – which is focusing on delivering a good and unique message that people can understand easily. Copying and pasting content (called “content scraping”) , and, in general, a lack of creativity, is out and can even lead to penalties in the form of ranking downgrades.

Consequently, we put a lot of effort into creating unique content and work with our clients to understand their project, business or product in order to deliver a convincing message.